Case Study

Generating new paths to value for Life Sciences through cloud-agnostic transformation

Inspire11 partners with a life sciences organization to design a cloud-agnostic platform that will accelerate analytics capabilities and deliver new dimensions of value for the business and it’s customers. 


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Cloud Architecture
Product Development
Strategy Facilitation
Design & Planning


Life Sciences

When a leading life sciences organization sought to disrupt its traditional on-premise software model to offer a SaaS-based Chromatography Data System (CDS) solution to its customers, it partnered with Inspire11 to design an innovative and composable cloud-agnostic platform that will offer both the client and its customers a competitive advantage.

The opportunity

The life sciences organization in the software space traditionally enjoyed its success with customers for its easy-to-use interface, universal connectivity to competitors and internal laboratory instruments, and commitment to compliance and security requirements. However, its manufactured devices that collected and analyzed scientific data were often siloed. This left a lot of value locked and untapped.  Being forward-thinkers, the organization identified an opportunity to disrupt its traditional business model of selling hardware and software as a bundle and shift to a services organization that offers a cloud-ready “Software as a Service” (Saas) option to its customers.

What we did

Inspire11 partnered with the client across North America and Europe over an 8-week engagement. First, they needed to understand the current state and define the next-generation operating model and opportunity roadmap that supports and embraces both traditional and cloud-ready product offerings.

After defining the overall strategy, operations, and support model, Inspire11 built a cloud-agnostic platform that would allow all of its customers to plug in, run experiments that they were conducting in their own laboratories, and access that data through different analytics and visualizations.

Inspire11 performed the following activities →

  • Defined future state operating model (roles, profiles, key performance measures)
  • Developed a new pricing strategy with P&L 3-year revenue projections and customer TCO
  • Designed future state processes to support the customer journey such as product management, sales and marketing, billing and invoicing, and support
  • Designed a phased migration approach with architectural designs and considerations
  • Recommended a phased approach to become a metrics-driven organization
  • Provided a go-live checklist and transition plan for when the team was ready to start its transformation

Impact & Outcomes

The cloud-agnostic and cloud-native platform helped the client consolidate their engineering efforts with a solution that can be deployed in diverse scenarios. This includes, a general-purpose cloud service provider or an air gap data center environment for sensitive data processing. The solution not only unlocked the client’s data and allowed them to deliver new dimensions of value by using a modern software stack, but also helped the organization become more competitive in its industry. Though the client’s data and compute needs may change, the platform approach can be applied to any industrial domain and provide a lasting solution for the future. 

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