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Boosting production outcomes with advanced analytics in medical device manufacturing  


Inspire11 partners with a Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer to design and integrate an advanced data analytics framework that boosts operational efficiency and communication, setting the stage for ongoing enhancements in product decision-making.


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In the fiercely competitive and highly regulated medical device industry, the continuous advancement of technology demands that companies not only keep pace but also stay ahead of emerging trends. Data and advanced analytics have never been more important as manufacturers strive to enhance device performance, ensure compliance, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. This backdrop creates fertile ground for deploying sophisticated data-driven strategies to address complex challenges in healthcare delivery.  

The Opportunity

A Fortune 500 medical device manufacturer identified an opportunity to refine its production decision-making processes to enhance operational efficiency and market responsiveness. The client possessed rich data streams filled with high-volume transactional data, presenting a valuable opportunity to extract meaningful insights. To capitalize on this potential, the client partnered with Inspire11 to design and integrate an advanced data and analytics framework within an eight-week period.  

The Challenge

With the complexity of manufacturing advanced medical devices, the interdependencies of multi-component products are not always understood across functions and teams without the appropriate data platform in place. As a result, the client faced operational inefficiencies, resulting in considerable backorders and hindering its capacity to fulfill customer orders promptly. Further intensifying these challenges was the complexity of its data environment and the opportunity for increased and consistent communication within the organization.

The Approach

Together, we implemented an advanced data model, crafting algorithms that could decipher complex product associations across the organization’s various operating units. This approach yielded a comprehensive framework that covered the entire range of products and analyzed which products were commonly sold together. 

The solution analyzed and targeted the products with components that were sold separately and communicated this multi-component dependency to specialty and sales teams. It facilitated a more strategic and informed inventory management practice that was accessible for technical and non-technical individuals to act on. 

What previously took several days to analyze, could now be accomplished in a day, drastically enhancing the clients’ responsiveness to market demands and inquiries. 

Impact & Outcomes

The solution’s integration marked a drastic improvement in operational workflows. Building on their prior work, Inspire11 and the team were able to optimize and enhance their analytic workflow and provide additional insights to help drive business decisions and improve supply chain operations. What previously took several days to analyze, could now be accomplished in a day, drastically enhancing the client’s responsiveness to market demands and inquiries. Consequently, this led to more effective inventory planning, as well as stronger communication between teams. 

This approach helped transform the client’s production and sales strategies. The reusable and continuously improvable model, now stored in the client’s data warehouse, was made accessible via a PowerBI App, bridging the gap between technical knowledge and actionable insights. As a result, the teams could better analyze product relationships, enabling continuous improvement in inventory planning and analysis. 

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