Launch the Next Greatest Thing

Technology and innovation

have shaped a yesterday that looks and feels different than today and are shaping a tomorrow full of possibilities.  An inflection point has been reached, where organizations have the greatest opportunity to harness the art of what’s possible in a practical and agile manner. This leads to innovation in new products, services and business models that exponentially increase longevity and competitive advantage.

Innovation is not new and has been a strategic imperative for decades now. The drivers and how companies successfully innovate continues to evolve, keeping innovation on the forefront. Here’s what we’re seeing:

  • People’s expectations are evolving
  • Data is the new currency
  • Industries are morphing and merging
  • There are heightened technological advancements and application
  • Talent desires disruptive, creative and idea-empowering organizations

While exploring the art of the possible is not new, we believe it is more simple than ever before. You don’t have to identify a myriad of ways to disrupt; you can choose one problem and solve it better than anyone else and disrupt an entire industry.   

Harnessing the art of what’s possible positions organizations to create new demand and change the market enough to render the competition irrelevant.

Innovation is not something to be done because everyone is doing it. Innovation is something to be done because people and organizations can’t see the world in any other way than how they’re reimagining it. 


  • Ensure north star is clear, compelling, and aligned upon by executive stakeholders
  • Identify Return on Innovation metrics that will ensure new developments yield to greatest value


  • Identify and evaluate innovative opportunities aligned to the targeted big bets to disrupt markets and serve customers in new ways
  • We pair your industry experience with domain & sector experts, technology leaders, start-ups and our research and experimentation capabilities to identify problems and develop outside-the-box ideas
  • We refine, define, narrow and select ideas to progress to Investigate


  • Leverage design thinking and agile methodology to rapidly advance and validate concepts. Advance ideas into prototypes, prototypes into Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) to quickly show proof of value
  • Capitalize on rapid iteration to validate and advance concepts to better understand the market-fit and demand for an idea
  • Provide quantified and tangible investment options for your company to consider based on market potential, profitability, feasibility, and value creation


  • Transition the finalized concept for deployment across the organization and affiliates
  • Transition from concept to actualization based on testing and feedback to offer new value to clients


  • Assess the return on innovation based on value, efficacy, benefits and other strategic KPIs all while leveraging intelligent models that continue to measure long after launch.



Set a realistic strategy for innovation and growth

Build and maintain the capacity to innovate by aligning innovation and growth to overall business strategy and continually experiment and adapt. 

Identify, design, build and launch new X

Apply Agile and 11x principles to enable a powerful and high-velocity innovation lifecycle. 

Develop innovation talent

Build an innovation movement at your organization fueled by unleashing the propensity to innovate in every human and further developing essential skills and mindsets to build.

Continuously realize the return on innovation

Leverage intelligent and dynamic frameworks to understand the success of investments and continue to iterate to unlock new levels of value. 



Growth and Start-Up Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Corporate Venture Building

New Business Model Development


Strategy Facilitation, Design & Planning

Customer Experience & Engagement

Organizational Design & Alignment

Process & Business Optimization

Change Enablement & Insights

Program & Project Management

Learning & Development


Digital Strategy & Transformation

Product Vision & Strategy

User Centric Design

Product Development & Go-to-Market

Product Organization Transformation

Agile Transformation


Data Strategy & Analytics

Data Governance & Data Management

Modern Data Architecture & Engineering

Data Science

Data Storytelling & Visualization

Machine Learning Operations

Cloud Strategy & Engineering


AI/ML Enablement

Mobile Development

Quality Assurance Engineering

Emerging Technologies

Cloud Computing

IOT Solutions


Cloud Strategy & Engineering


AI/ML Enablement

Mobile Development

Quality Assurance Engineering

Emerging Technologies

Cloud Computing

IOT Solutions


User Research & Insights

Digital Product & Service Design

Design Thinking

Digital Marketing, Communications & Media

Experience Assessments

Design Engineering



Launch of an iterative engine for innovation and transformation.
Continual discovery of new insights and opportunities.
Realization of new and differentiated value and revenue streams.
Reaching and delivering value for new customer segments.
Cultural revolution and new ways of working.
Creating and aligning incentives to metrics that matter.
Clearly understand and articulate the return on innovation.