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Build the digital value chain

From AI and IoT to data monetization, we build digital value chains that help organizations deliver real-time insights, act quickly and accelerate value delivery.

A new world of exponential value 

Today’s most successful and scalable organizations are highly connected, leveraging data and technology across their digital value chain to expand reach into new markets, offerings, and customers. Connected ecosystems enable organizations to dig into a treasure trove of data from unstructured sources, automated processes, and self-learning software to identify and deliver on new business opportunities. In a connected ecosystem, data is currency and can radically expand all stakeholder’s vantage points from inside out to include outside in, up, down, and more. It’s an ecosystem where everyone wins.

The latest release of IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide indicates investments in the IoT ecosystem are expected to surpass $1 trillion in 2026 with a CAGR of 10.4% over the 2023-2027 forecast period.

The secret is identifying and understanding where new opportunities exist and pairing that with the talent and technologies that can move fast together to create new realities that scale. 

Highly connected organizations are positioned to create new pathways for exponential growth, the establishment of new revenue streams, and a new reality in the world. This looks like the ability to:

  • Enable discovery of new insights and opportunities
  • Establish an engine for innovation and transformation
  • Scale securely and rapidly
  • Launch high-value, future business models
  • Diversify revenue and improve financial stability
  • Increase marketability
  • Lead their industry (and net new ones)

Our approach to building the digital value chain


To discover opportunities in a digital value chain, it’s important to start by considering market, customer, business, and organizational factors. Once these factors have been assessed, evaluate both internal and external value chains, as well as technology readiness. With a clear understanding of these factors, it becomes possible to identify strategic opportunities throughout the connected value chain. This can be done by analyzing opportunities via revenue impact and targeted value drivers. Ultimately, it’s important to leverage a value-driven approach to select opportunities that will deliver the greatest benefits to the organization. By following these steps, organizations can discover new opportunities and take advantage of the rapidly evolving digital landscape.


    To build and implement a digital and data value chain, it is essential to start by analyzing opportunities that can have a significant impact on revenue and identify targeted value drivers. This requires a value-driven approach to select the most promising opportunities. Once the opportunities are identified, it is necessary to build a strategic and connected foundation for innovation. This involves designing and building capabilities using proven and emerging technologies, while keeping user experience (UX) at the forefront. To ensure success, it is crucial to adopt a test and learn approach, allowing for continuous improvement and refinement of the digital and data value chain. By following these steps, an organization can create a robust and efficient digital and data value chain that can drive growth and innovation.


    To continually capture new digital value chain opportunities, it is important to identify new use cases and avenues that can be explored. This involves being creative and thinking outside the box to identify new opportunities for growth and innovation. Rapid iteration and continual value delivery are also critical to success in this area, as it allows organizations to quickly pivot and adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs. It is important to reassess what is now possible in the world of digital and data, as new technologies and tools are constantly emerging. ROI should be measured to determine the success of these efforts, and incentives should be aligned with client success to ensure that all stakeholders are working together towards a common goal. By following these principles, organizations can continually capture new digital and data value chain opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

    In a connected ecosystem, data is currency and can radically expand all stakeholder’s vantage points. 

    Digital and Data offerings

    We work with people and organizations to bring ideas to life at any maturity and scale, and however quickly we need to make radical change and impact.

    Digital Value Chain Strategy

    Build, connect and scale your value chain intelligently with data to create new go-to-market opportunities that transform your organization’s identity and disrupts existing and new industries.

    Application Innovation and Scale

    Architect a cloud-based infrastructure that is scalable, optimized, highly available, and monitored. Enabled through capabilities like infrastructure as code, containerization, and orchestration.

    Human-Centered Analytics

    Transform both structured and unstructured data into actionable knowledge that enable humans to achieve heightened levels of value.

    Emerging Technology Application

    Take advantage of technological upheavals and continually develop existing technology ahead of competition.

    What’s possible with a digital value chain

    Implemented growth offerings, business models, and platforms that generate new revenue and scale quickly

    Continual identification of new opportunities through simple and adaptable frameworks

    Improving effectiveness of existing value chain, products, and services

    Scalable technology platforms to readily meet business needs

    Upskilling team members armed with new levels of data-fueled intelligence

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