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Maximize business performance

We shift organizational workings into competitive advantage to optimize cost, increase efficiency, and empower the success of your people.

Organizational workings 

The speed in which organizations anticipate and deliver on expectations makes sprinting look like walking. An ultra-customer-centric world has rightfully placed hyper-focus on external experiences. As we peel back the layers, internal workings have often taken a back seat. Follow along as we explore how to work in ways companies aspire to work.

An organization’s primary goal is to deliver on what’s most impactful to realize their strategic goals and objectives. As the talent, investments, processes, data, and technologies that fill the organization grow, it can make staying true to the north star complex and unclear. Layer on the external factors and suddenly organizations are working with a whole lot of elements while making limited progress.  

As organizations work to apply a “customer-centric” level of expectations to their organizational workings, an entire new level of agility, competitive advantage, and people success is revealed.  

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There is no shortage of challenges and opportunities that arise from advances in technology, shifting market dynamics, and changing customer expectations. We help organizations unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable success in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment.

Our approach to maximizing business performance


We understand the North Star. We establish a highly collaborative approach to engage teams around a shared understanding of individual and organizational strengths, mission, and vision, aligned with the strategic road ahead. With our streamlined discovery approach, we conduct research and investigation to gather information and insights about the current state of the organization and its business processes. Through this work, we help establish a clear baseline and a shared understanding of the current state of the organization. This enables the organization to set realistic goals and co-develop a comprehensive plan for transformation that is tailored to its specific needs and challenges.


We work with our clients to implement the necessary changes in the most pragmatic and sustainable way. This may involve rethinking and reengineering an organization’s core business processes to improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness, or implementing new software systems and reorganizing business units. We conduct change readiness assessments and in-depth analysis to illuminate risks, enabling the development of bespoke change action plans based on team needs, capabilities and the magnitude of change impact.


We monitor the transformation program and evaluate its impact on the organization’s performance. This enables us to help make any necessary adjustments and ensure that the transformation program is delivering the desired results. We establish an approach for continual assessment, prioritization and iterative implementation to help develop new capabilities and drive the adoption of new ways of working across the entire enterprise for immediate value. 

As organizations work to apply a “customer-centric” level of expectations to their organizational workings, an entire new level of agility, competitive advantage, and people success is revealed.

Business Transformation and Change offerings

We work with people and organizations to bring ideas to life at any maturity and scale, and however quickly we need to make radical change and impact.

Strategy x Execution

Align strategic goals and develop a cohesive model leveraging agile and human-centric principles to support organizational transformation and accelerate business outcomes.

Process Optimization

We work with businesses to streamline processes, reduce waste, and increase productivity. This includes process mapping, root cause analysis, and continuous improvement methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma.

Performance Management

Inspire11 helps businesses measure and improve their performance through data-driven approaches. This includes KPI development, performance dashboards, and performance coaching.

Organizational Effectiveness

Align your organizational structure, roles, and responsibilities to your strategy and goals through organizational assessments, design thinking, and change management.

What’s possible when you maximize business performance

Having the infrastructure, process, culture, and capability to be able to adapt regardless of what the future will be.

Adoption of the change by all stakeholders.

Viewed as a net/net benefit to your organization and vendor partners.

A confident team members that embrace changes instead of fear.

End-to-end standardized and digitized processes to deliver operational efficiency.

Increased ROI stemming from successful implementation.

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