About Inspire11

Our Company

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get messy to create a future where everyone has a greater stake in the game. Our expertise in strategy, digital, analytics, and strategic ventures positions us to create unparalleled value that radically improves people’s lives. Let’s inspire together.


Our Leadership

Melissa Hirst

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Alban Mehmeti

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Sundberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Schaffer

Chief Operating Officer

Hans Nelson


David Minor

Managing Director Chicago

Megan Figura

Talent Acquisition Director

Hanon Hines

Human Resources Director

Keith Quiring

Managing Director Minneapolis

Todd Heil

Managing Director Atlanta

Our Culture

From radical candor and impactful philanthropy to learning and development programs and world-building projects, we make sure our employees have the support they need to succeed. We’re committed to building a culture where everyone can thrive, inspire and be inspired. Where people can be people.
We are looking for creatives, technologists, innovators, and inspirationalists. If you have what it takes, join us!


Our commitment

Without question, we stand against racial violence, racial inequity, and any form of racism. It is our ongoing intent to align ourselves with clients, employees, and those in our communities who share these beliefs.

Employee Spotlight

Kaitlyn Gallagher
Change Management Consultant

How has your background shaped how you think, relate to others, and conquer challenges?

Armed with an academic background, I believe in the power of research and data to analyze a challenge and develop a creative solution that will have the best chance of success based on the environment.

What does “inspiring a better tomorrow for all” mean to you? 

I believe in approaching challenging situations with an empathetic lens – it’s not just about finding a quick fix to a problem, it’s designing a solution that will not only solve the current problem, but also future problems, all while taking the end user’s needs and perspectives into account.

Alex Cook
Principal, Minneapolis

How would you summarize what you do?

Being a Principal involves wearing many hats one day, and then setting those aside and wearing an entirely new set of hats the next day (I have a large hat collection by now). My responsibilities include everything from client success and delivery to people management and selling exciting, impactful work for our consultants. It’s a challenge and a pleasure.

What’s unique about working for Inpsire11?

Autonomy. The ability to drive your career where you want it to go, and focus on the things that are important to you.

Stephanie Feeney
Director of Data Analytics

How would you summarize what you do?

I lead our data & analytics practice. It includes a little bit of everything that matters at Inspire11 – connecting with our clients, ensuring our teams are consistently providing excellent results, & coaching our team.

What does “inspiring a better tomorrow for all” mean to you?

We’re in a time where the world changes faster every day than it did the day before. That can be challenging, for people and organizations – but it also creates more opportunities to shape what tomorrow looks like. We want to be here as our client’s partner to unlock those possibilities.

Adam Wolocko
Account & Market Director

What work/project are you proudest of and what impact has it made?

I am most proud of projects that got to where they needed to be rather than where we started out going. These projects typically demonstrate a focus on an outcome vs scope, have very strong partnerships with our clients, and demonstrate the flexibility and agility of teams to deliver in competitive software spaces.

How do you turn it up to 11?

Growing up my dad used to always refer to his favorite Ben Franklin quote “Well Done is Better than Well Said”. Now as part of Inspire11 this still rings true. To me, turning it up to 11 is as simple as actually doing what others only talk about.

Julia Merryman
Operations Analyst

What’s unique about working for Inpsire11? 

For me, it’s the fact I have an incredible amount of freedom to work on and learn things that interest me.

Describe how you’ve grown professionally since you started working for Inspire11?

Since working at Inspire11, I’ve grown more confident in my ideas and my ability to execute those ideas! I’m given a lot of freedom in my role to learn and lead initiatives which is empowering.