About Inspire11

Our Company

We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get messy to create a future where everyone has a greater stake in the game. Our expertise in strategy, digital, analytics, and strategic ventures positions us to create unparalleled value that radically improves people’s lives. Let’s inspire together.


Our Leadership

Melissa Hirst

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Alban Mehmeti

Chief Executive Officer

Laura Sundberg

Chief Marketing Officer

Kevin Schaffer

Chief Operating Officer

Hans Nelson


David Minor

Managing Director Chicago

Megan Figura

Talent Acquisition Director

Hanon Hines

Human Resources Director

Keith Quiring

Managing Director Minneapolis

Todd Heil

Managing Director Atlanta

Vipul Tiwari

Managing Director Dallas

Rick Whitney

Managing Director Detroit

Our Culture

From radical candor and impactful philanthropy to learning and development programs and world-building projects, we make sure our employees have the support they need to succeed. We’re committed to building a culture where everyone can thrive, inspire and be inspired. Where people can be people. We are looking for creatives, technologists, innovators, and inspirationalists. If you have what it takes, join us!

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Our commitment

Without question, we stand against racial violence, racial inequity, and any form of racism. It is our ongoing intent to align ourselves with clients, employees, and those in our communities who share these beliefs.

Employee Spotlight

Jaime Grimes
Operations Lead

What’s unique about working for Inpsire11? 

The people are top-notch!

Describe how you’ve grown professionally since you started working for Inspire11?

I’ve taken on new challenges – like the office move!

Meg Nurre
meg nurre headshot
Lead Recruiter

What work / project are you proudest of and what impact has it made?

It is really hard for me to narrow in on one project, but overall I am most proud of the number of outstanding individuals I’ve been able to bring onto the team at Inspire11. There is nothing as satisfying as looking around a room and seeing the faces of people that you brought in the door, watching them get promoted, and seeing this company change their career trajectory forever.

What does “inspiring a better tomorrow for all” mean to you?

Inspiring a better tomorrow for all means bringing in the marginalized and raising up those who did not have the opportunity. This is not just through our service in the community or how we treat our internal teams, but also in how we build solutions to make sure that they are serving the greater good and not discriminating against any group of people.

Michael Hyzy
michael hyzy headhshot
Product Development Consultant

How has your background shaped how you think, relate to others, and conquer challenges?

I am a consistent learner. I read as much as I can, follow groundbreakers in the product space, learn while I’m working, and always reflect on how I can do better. I worked in sales a long time ago, and that combined with the design thinking approach of starting with empathy helps me to relate to others. I find solving problems to be exciting, so it’s in my nature to want to solve complex problems.

What does “inspiring a better tomorrow for all” mean to you? 

It means that we don’t have to follow the status quo. We can turn crazy ideas into reality that will benefit us all. It means that we can do great work that benefits us and our clients, which helps their customers and it’s a win-win-win.

Julia Merryman
julia merryman headhsot
Operations Analyst

What’s unique about working for Inpsire11? 

For me, it’s the fact I have an incredible amount of freedom to work on and learn things that interest me.

Describe how you’ve grown professionally since you started working for Inspire11?

Since working at Inspire11, I’ve grown more confident in my ideas and my ability to execute those ideas! I’m given a lot of freedom in my role to learn and lead initiatives which is empowering.

Joe Lee
Data Analytics Consultant, Chicago

What’s unique about working for Inpsire11?

The people and culture are diverse, inclusive, and fun. You can tell that there’s a lot of attention and care taken to build and keep the culture— also, a great place to learn with lots of opportunities to chart the path you want.

How has your background shaped how you think, relate to others, and conquer challenges?

My background has helped me to understand and communicate effectively with stakeholders at various levels. I appreciate different perspectives and competing priorities that need to mesh together for a common goal to be better. I see that our challenges are similar and the way we engage is a humanizing experience.