Case Study

Building a strategy for digital transformation and sustainable growth

Inspire11 partners with a healthcare provider to build a scalable technology infrastructure that will improve patient care and streamline operations.


Strategy Assessment
Cloud Architecture



When a healthcare provider faced risks due to growth in the business outpacing the capacity of their technology infrastructure, they partnered with Inspire11 to develop a digital transformation strategy assessment that would allow their infrastructure to grow to meet present and future needs. 

The opportunity

The healthcare provider grew rapidly over several years to over 600 clinics in 24 states. As a result of growth, existing server hosts were at or near capacity. The business experienced challenges with system reliability and had no existing Disaster Recovery solution. The instability of the IT systems ultimately impeded the continued growth of the organization.

Why Inspire11?

Inspire11 partnered with the client to provide a multifaceted solution that combined operational process improvement with our technical expertise. The lean team focused on combining insights from diverse backgrounds and ensuring that highly technical solutions were understandable by a wide audience. 

What we did

Inspire11 completed a full strategy assessment, outlining three phases of digital transformation to enable sustained growth for the organization. The initial phase of the transformation focused on minimizing risks by enabling a complete Disaster Recovery solution. Inspire11 designed and tested a flexible modern cloud architecture in Amazon Web Services (AWS) to be used as a Disaster Recovery site for business-critical applications. The AWS foundation established for Disaster Recovery can be leveraged long term as the primary production site hosting highly available applications, enabling continuous integration and continuous delivery, multi-region deployments, and can be expanded to accommodate additional non-production environments.

A multifaceted solution that combines operational process improvement with Inspire11’s technical expertise.

Impact & Outcomes

Upon completion of phase one, the client had a fully functional Disaster Recovery site built on the AWS platform. A full Disaster Recovery test demonstrated an achieved Recovery Time Objective of less than 4 hours and a Recovery Point Objective of under 25 minutes; far exceeding business requirements. Upgrading to modern technology for a Disaster Recovery solution also enabled the organization to become familiar with cloud operations best practices, priming the organization for a future migration of all applications to AWS in future phases of transformation.

Achieved Recovery Time objective of less than 4 hours

Achieved Recovery Point objective of under 25 minutes

Enabled the organization to become familiar with cloud operation best practices for future migration of all applications

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