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Hans Nelson

about inspire11 president and co-founder hans nelson

Hans Nelson is the President and Co-Founder of Inspire11. He has worked in the consulting industry throughout his career with a strong background in building world-class, high-performing teams across some of the top brands in the industry.

Hans has a passion for innovation, strategy, information, technology, sales, marketing, leadership, and people development. Throughout his career, Hans has excelled at building long-term client relationships and unveiling new dimensions of value for world-class organizations including Hitachi, West Monroe Partners and Slalom. Now, with Inspire11, Hans has the opportunity to reimagine the consulting landscape using his professional passion to better serve the community he lives in and create new realities for organizations that truly make a difference. 

As President of Inspire11, Hans wears many hats from day to day. He is heavily focused on the long-term strategic vision of inspiring a better tomorrow for all.  This includes all stakeholders of Inspire11 including employees, clients, and the communities they serve.  Hans also focuses on the tactical aspects of moving the business forward which vary from legal, human resources, accounting, new solution development, client relationships, investments, culture and leadership development. Hans is also a key player in ensuring the organization is set up for success and equipped for future iterations and challenges. Some would say his confidence, compassion and understanding of people’s strengths are his superpower. Hans would say that it’s his dad jokes. 

What drives Hans’s work is the impact he has on others’ career progression and his community. He is heavily invested in organizations that he knows to make a difference in his community including serving on the Board of Regents for Loyola University Chicago, where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, being a member of the marketing committee for I.c.Stars and partnering with Imerman Angels. Hans believes that building an intent-driven culture where there is a diversity of thought, function, and background always leads to an 11X impact. 

Hans finds the most pride in working with clients who are trying to revolutionize their industry.  Hans has a strong desire to make Inspire11 a part of curing cancer. Given that healthcare is universal with all individuals using it at some point in their lives, he along with his healthcare clients believe there is an opportunity to make an enormous impact on patient outcomes, life longevity, and access to high-quality preventative/medical care. 

Outside of being Inspire11’s “Chief Happiness Officer”, Hans is a husband to Sharon and father to three teenagers Thomas (18), Andrew (16) and Alexis (14).  Whether it be traveling, eating, playing/coaching sports, or serving on the technology committee of his children’s schools in Chicago, Hans loves spending time with his family!

“With Inspire11, I have the opportunity to reimagine the consulting landscape using my professional passion to better serve the community I live in and create new realities for organizations that truly make a difference.”


Education: B.B.A., Finance, Genral

Office: Chicago

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Business Strategy

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