Case Study Collection

Artificial Intelligence for the world’s most innovative organizations

At Inspire11, we’ve partnered with forward-thinking companies for the better part of the past decade to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for transformative outcomes. In this collection of success stories, you’ll witness how AI-backed strategies have redefined industries, boosted efficiency, and driven innovation.

Fleetpulse by Great Dane

Great Dane and Inspire11 collaborated to pioneer the first smart trailer, integrating telematics, data analytics, smart devices, an AWS platform, and user applications. Their Fleetpulse solution streamlines operations, improves decision-making, and offers features like real-time visibility, predictive maintenance, fuel efficiency tools, safety monitoring, asset management, data analytics, integration, and customization.

Business insights center through predictive analytics

Inspire11 partnered with a Fortune 250 agricultural company to solve operational pain points and bottlenecks by building a predictive analytics foundation. The organization partnered with our team to make way for the design and launch of a business insights center. Now through improved analytics, the organization has shifted its thinking from reactive to proactive. By leveraging a full suite of data science capabilities, the firm is consistently trading within five percent of the top of the market, driving 15% year-over-year gains in revenue.

AI Fitter Co-Pilot by Club Champion

Club Champion and Inspire11 partnered to launch AI Fitter Co-Pilot and transform golf performance. The team used sensor data to develop a Product Recommender System that predicts the ideal equipment combinations for individual customers. This cloud-based application was deployed to over 100 stores nationwide, regularly updating the model with new data and automating retraining to accommodate product changes.

Artificial intelligence is the visionary disruptor that doesn’t just change industries; it rewrites the rules of the game, offering organizations a chance to lead the transformation rather than follow it.

Financial gains with AI automation

Inspire11 partnered with a natural food distributor that faced significant profit losses due to manual error detection in vendor pricing. To combat this, a customized automation solution and daily dashboards were developed, allowing real-time pricing adjustments and a shift from instinct-driven decisions to data-driven insights. A one-click algorithm was designed for generating daily reports, streamlining the decision-making process. Collaborating closely with the client, the team gathered essential data, uncovering millions in previously missed margin. This endeavor culminated in the establishment of a centralized source of truth for data, ultimately revealing and rectifying $3.4 million worth of underpriced goods that were impacting annual margins.

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