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Empowering digital transformation through employee insights

Inspire11 partners with a global CPG company to build an employee insights engine that will provide leadership with actionable insights and drive operational strategy.


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When a global Fortune 50 CPG company sought to understand how the business was progressing through a large-scale operating model change, it partnered with Inspire11 to build an analytics tool, leveraging employee survey data that would provide leadership with actionable insights and drive operational strategy.

The opportunity

The global CPG organization had recently embarked on a digital transformation journey and was interested in better understanding the company sentiment toward the impact and efficacy of the transformation. The client theorized that senior leaders were not getting the full picture of the current state through the traditional project management process and found that it lacked the data and analytics infrastructure to collect and analyze survey responses in a non-manual fashion. 

The organization consulted with Inspire11 to rethink how it can assess the organization and establish key baseline metrics so it can clearly understand where they are and what they need to do in its digital transformation journey. 

Why Inspire11?

Inspire11 took a data-driven approach to change management. The client was in the middle of a digital transformation that required significant changes to employees’ “ways of working.”  Inspire11 quickly learned the traditional PMO process was not telling the full story of where the business had success and conversely where they had opportunities to provide better support to 10,000+ employees located across the globe. Inspire11 took an innovative, data-driven approach enabling leaders to pinpoint areas of strength and pain points. 

Elevens leveraged proven change management frameworks and injected data capabilities to better inform leadership alongside their PMO structure of how the business was moving along its transformation journey and key milestones. 

What we did

During the initial phase of the engagement, Inspire11 performed a custom assessment scanning sentiment across strategy, people, process, and technology by collecting anonymized survey data from over 2000 respondents. Automating and analyzing the data was essential for the client to understand the current state of the organization and the next steps in its journey. 

Inspire11 performed the following activities →

  • Created a flexible data pipeline in Tableau and integrated it with HR and employee organization data enabling unique slicing and aggregated reporting.  
  • Created internal and external benchmarks for Likert-scale responses and analyzed free-text responses with Natural Language Processing (NLP)  
  • Developed custom-built executive-level reporting and visualizations of structured and unstructured survey responses to summarize insights and recommend next steps. 

An employee insights engine to unlock the most tailored, informative, and actionable insights, driving the organization and its people forward.  

Impact & Outcomes

With Inspire11’s support, the CPG organization was able to reimagine its strategy, align on a cohesive change and transformation plan, and make significant moves in its digital transformation journey. The data-driven solution enabled the client to:  

Receive an 80% response rate from 4,000 employees

Tease out insights from 1000+ unstructured text responses through NLP

Identify region and sector discrepancies.

Breakdown leader silos, echo chambers, and reliance on gut feelings

The improvement to the organization’s data infrastructure helps executives proactively manage strategy and tactics, support the PMO process through quantitative insights and prioritize strategic initiatives. The analytic tool will also provide leadership with tailored recommendations and action plans developed at the regional/ functional level, detailed information highlighting bright spots and opportunity areas, and a data platform to facilitate continuous feedback integration and drive operational & HR strategy.  

Ready to build your employee insights engine?

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