Transforming golf performance

Club Champion and Inspire11 partner to launch AI Fitter Co-Pilot and break new grounds in golf performance 


Discover the impact AI can have on the growth and longevity of your business.

Transforming golf performance through expertise and AI

Golf is a precision sport with many variables at hand. Ensuring the proper club fit is one way golfers can improve their performance.

Club Champion, the world’s best golf club fitter, set out to pair their leading expertise in golf performance with Artificial Intelligence to recommend optimal golf products during fitting sessions. 

From ideation of the concept through rolling out Fitter Co-Pilot to all US locations, Inspire11 partnered with Club Champion to put AI into full swing and redefine golf performance.

Inspire11 leveraged sensor data to create a Product Recommender System that predicts which equipment combinations would optimize performance for each customer.  A cloud-based application was built to deploy the model across 100+ stores all over the country and retrain the model on new data weekly. The team formulated a methodology to incorporate new products into Recommender System and trigger automated retraining to accommodate product turnover.

We are honored to partner with Club Champion in reshaping the game of golf and proving what’s possible when you blend emerging tech with sports. Fitter Co-Pilot is a leading example across all industries of how an innovative company can disrupt its core offerings to deliver tangible value to its customers, engender brand loyalty, and increase competitive advantage. This is the type of partnership and work we were founded on. Disruption and innovation are in our DNA, and this is just the beginning.

Alban Mehmeti, Co-Founder and CEO, Inspire11 

[Inspire11 has] created a seamless software from start to finish. They were great to work with… helped us achieve all of our goals… on top of delivering a great product.

Nick Sherburne
, Founder and EVP of Operations, Club Champion 


How A.I.—and a good fitter—got me 19 more yards in about 10 swings


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Club Champion launches A.I. Fitter Co-Pilot

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