Innovating with generative AI: An Inspire11 hackathon

AI for a New Age of Innovation

Inspire11 hosted its Hackathon, a 24-hour sprint of creativity and innovation. Held over the weekend of June 9 – 10, 2023, teams from Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Chicago offices came together to explore the potential of large language models (LLMs) and create applications that deliver tangible value to our clients.

The Hackathon was the brainchild of Jett Robinson, Principal, Data Science Lead, and Miles Grogger, Senior Consultant, Data Science, when they recognized the appetite within the team to explore new technologies. “We’re looking for a mix of technical and functional skills to form diverse and balanced teams. So, no matter your experience, we’d love for you to join us!” encouraged Robinson. Their vision of a collaborative event where diverse perspectives blend and inspire groundbreaking technology became a reality, reinforcing Inspire11’s commitment to finding creative solutions for long-standing problems with an interdisciplinary approach. 

The result was nothing short of phenomenal – a robust gathering of scientists, engineers, UX/UI designers, product designers, and data architects putting their skills to the test.

The Challenge

Using new tools for the first time is never without its challenges. The process demanded a deep understanding of both technical and functional aspects of the applications, as well as excellent team collaboration. By fostering open communication channels and encouraging frequent updates, the participants navigated the Hackathon with smooth execution and an innovative spirit, exemplifying the creative and resilient nature of Inspire11. 

Team Projects

Each team took on the mission with a unique approach, revealing the vast potential and adaptability of Generative AI. From analyzing customer review databases, to extracting and interpreting sentiment, to creating robust data visualization tools, each solution was rooted in relevancy, practicality, and market value.

Team #1:  TruthBee

  • TruthBee leverages Generative AI to extract and summarize product data (i.e. reviews) to drive insights for targeted personas (Marketing, QA, Product Manager).
  • Team: Miles Grogger, Paul Schlueter, Jason Harris, Gaurav Kamboj, Salvatore Potts, and John Neville 

Team #2:  OH-Report  

  • OH-Report is an occupational health tool that leverages LLMs to dramatically reduce friction in submitting workplace complaints, allowing companies to mitigate issues. 
  • Team: Alex Surin, Brian Waters, Bryan Dahmes, Clarissa Norberg, Kevin Zugschwert, Solomon DeLeon
man working on generative ai app
team brainstorming generative ai app
two men discussing generative ai



TruthBee addresses the common challenge faced by tech companies in understanding customer feedback. Aimed to be a comprehensive customer view insights platform, TruthBee leverages LLMs to search and curate reviews while providing accurate answers to questions relevant to different job functions. The flexible storage options and powerful language models employed in TruthBee offers a promising solution to a longstanding problem across industries. 

In the end, we saw the birth of two impressive applications that demonstrate the far-reaching potential of Generative AI and opens up new possibilities for client-focused solutions.

Looking Ahead

The Hackathon was just the beginning. We’re excited about the innovations that lie ahead, driven by our diverse team of passionate creators. At Inspire11, we continue to strive for excellence and challenge the status quo. With our collective skills and the power of AI, we’re confident that we’ll continue to drive innovation and create technology that exceeds expectations and disrupts entire categories.

Thank you to all the participants for their enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication to making our Hackathon a huge success. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Inspire11.

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