Community Initiative

Macro Impact Through Micro Loans

Promoting equity in our local communities.

Our mission

We envision a more equitable society where everyone can be self-sufficient and thrive. That’s why we invest holistically in communities and organizations without access to traditional funding opportunities. The Inspire11 Macro Impact through Micro Loans program is aimed at promoting equity in Chicago by providing 3 local entrepreneurs with up to $15,000 in funds and professional services to help grow their businesses. The program specifically targets communities and entrepreneurs who might have a difficult time with traditional funding sources; this includes businesses run by minorities, women, and immigrants.

Interest Rate: 6%

Loan Term: Up to 48 months

What we believe

Inspire11 believes that everyone should have a fair chance to imagine the art of the possible. Focusing on Chicago, we acknowledge the lack of resources and barriers to entry that minority and female-owned businesses face.


  • Businesses owned by women and minorities tend to be smaller than other businesses in the same industry in terms of revenue and employee count

  • Businesses owned by women and minorities are more likely to rely on personal funds and are less likely to secure traditional funding from banks

  • Many businesses owned by minorities are concentrated in industries with lower profit margins

Financial Loan Support

Selected applicants will be awarded financial loan support in the form of a loan that would be returned through equity or other means.

Strategic Advisory

Leverage Inspire11’s consulting network to help address urgent business needs. Our people are willing to offer pro-bono work to help your business grow.

Community Development

We want to build meaningful long-term relationships with local businesses. As this program grows, we will create a vibrant network of entrepreneurs and small business owners in Chicago.

Invest locally. Empower communities. Promote diversity. Inspire others. 

Our commitment

Organizations have a responsibility to take an active role in building the communities in which they live and work. At Inspire11, we take that responsibility seriously. With the Macro Impact through Micro Loans program, Inspire11 pledges to invest millions of dollars of funding and resources into Chicago’s small business community by 2025. 

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