Custom Mobile Application Development: Legal Advice On-Demand

Key Outcomes

Seamless user experience from new client onboarding to real-time consultation
Flexible and scalable architecture and code base
Enabled insights and activity tracking to inform future product iterations and improvements
Enabled real-time consultation with a certified lawyer via, video, voice, or text.


Legal Advice On-Demand

LegalQ is a digital platform that provides legal services to consumers. Founded by a team of lawyers and technologists, LegalQ understands that for too many Americans, the process of obtaining legal advice is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. They recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the industry by providing clearly priced, on-demand, legal advice to consumers with legal needs. They needed a partner who was knowledgeable and had experience with custom mobile application development. LegalQ partnered with Inspire11 to architect and develop an easy-to-use mobile application that connects motivated legal consumers with a licensed attorney in real-time.

Opportunity the client was faced with

With 60% of American households dealing with a legal problem at any one time, LegalQ sought to quickly address the critical gap in the legal services market. They not only needed engineering support, but a strategic partner to help bring their product vision to life. 

Speed to market was a critical priority for LegalQ to fulfill the growing need for accessing legal services. Given the forecasted rapid adoption and growth, they needed a platform that would provide scalability from both a data and infrastructure perspective. A cloud-based solution was in consideration for LegalQ, but they needed advice on navigating its options.

Why they turned to Inpsire11

Inspire11 was uniquely positioned to provide product advisory, architectural consultation, and full-stack development. Collaboration and communication were key to help ensure product features met the demand of customers and that the product was built for future scalability and growth. By leveraging a strong foundation and modern technology platforms, Inspire11 ensured that LegalQ could release quickly to market and efficiently make future product iterations based on customer feedback.

How we delivered on the opportunity

The decision for LegalQ to leverage Amazon Web Services was based on scale, speed and security. Inspire11 utilized the AWS amplify set of tools and solutions to configure the backend and provide an efficient method for connecting to the React front-end. Considering the private and personally identifiable nature of the data that LegalQ is collecting and displaying to its users, data security was an absolute requirement. AWS encryption and monitoring ensured data security and by utilizing AWS Cognito to define roles and user groups, LegalQ can efficiently control and manage user access.

The combination of AWS offerings enabled LegalQ to quickly release with confidence that their customers’ data was secure and that they could effectively grow with demand into the future.

Impact and Outcomes

With the help of Inspire11, the LegalQ product accelerated with AWS launching to market quickly. The architecture decision employed allowed LegalQ to scale the app seamlessly with growth, and best-in-class CI/CD processes will allow updates and enhancements at the speed the customers require.

About the App

B2C: Customer Mobile Application 

  • Connect immediately with an Attorney via Text, Voice, or Video
  • Schedule a consultation for a future date/time 
  • Consultation support includes many areas of law such as criminal defense, personal injury, landlord-tenant, etc. 
  • Customer provides feedback on experience and rates the attorney 
  • Create and manage user profile

B2B: Attorney Web Platform 

  • Receive real-time and scheduled customer consultation requests 
  • Facilitate consultation via text, voice, video all within a simple to use web platform 
  • Monitor payments and income via attorney dashboard 
  • Create and manage Attorney profile

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