The Challenge:

This full-service Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) could not provide the value promised to clients due to technical limitation and misuse of data assets. Inspire11 designed and implemented a modern data platform that leapfrogged competitors and uncovered millions in missed revenue.

Pharmacy Benefits Manager Web Application
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Our Solution:

Inspire11 architected a four phase digital journey. Phase one was creating a modern data architecture with a strong central data architecture will serve as a trusted source of data for the company’s operations and be the foundation to build analytic competencies. Phase two was to Maximize ROI on existing business through uncovering hidden revenue opportunities through focused analysis of today’s business units and revenue streams. Phase three was to stabilize and optimize operations by building efficiencies throughout the organization and enable growth using automation and data driven applications while eliminating heavy manual efforts. Phase four was the Digital transformation by enhancing customer engagement (Patient and Plan) through best in class Digital experiences and new services.


Inspire11 delivered a HIPAA compliant cloud-based infrastructure that included a Golden Copy of transactional and master data. Inspire11 also completed automated reporting on business reporting and statistical analysis of pricing models along with new analytic tools to enable the client to expand business offerings which led to an 87% increase in EBITDA within 7 months.

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