The Challenge:

As companies grow and the amount of data they are receiving piles up, they don't often think about the network until problems occur. Without a disaster recovery plan the organization was at significant risk of losing large amounts of customer data and possibly even financial information. After suffering a data breach, the client needed to implement a solution to make sure it would never happen again, as well as earn back the trust of their customers. As the client grew to the large business they are today, the IT infrastructure was left in the past. Once issues started to arise, the client knew they needed an enterprise level network. They didn't want to just catch up, they wanted to be prepared and anticipate future growth.

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Our Solution:

As the client started to work with Inspire11, the goal was to develop a 3-stage process to grow the IT environment and build confidence with cloud solutions supporting their business. As technology has advanced, Infrastructure as a service, allows companies like the client to catch up without breaking the bank on physical IT hardware. The client was able to catch up fast, as well as transition to the cloud at a speed they were comfortable with while providing the level of security, data backup, and recovery that their customers expect.


As the new solution met the needs of the business, working with Inspire 11 and AWS, they were able to attain the needed Recovery Time Objective of under 4 hours. This drastically reduced downtime and allowed the client to be back up and running within the same business day. With a Recovery Point Objective under 25 minutes, Data loss was almost nonexistent. As the client, upgraded to modern technology, their employees also developed and learned to own the solutions and are able to drive the network forward as they scale to meet the business needs. The client recognized the need to protect their data and working with Inspire11, they were able to accomplish the service level and network security needed for their business.