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Q&A with Vipul Tiwari

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With Dallas-Fort Worth leading the nation in population growth and recently gaining the no. 1 spot for the addition of new tech jobs last year, Inspire11 Dallas just makes sense. 

We spoke with Vipul Tiwari about the paradigm of inspiration, outcomes when you put people and their whole lives first, and the vision for Inspire11 Dallas.

Vipul Tiwari has spent 20 years in consulting and client service, working with high-performing multicultural teams worldwide. Vipul, you’re now opening another chapter in your consulting and leadership career. What have you found to be the most fulfilling elements in your work?

You reach a point in your career where you’ve built a solid foundation for yourself and your family that you can then focus on expanding your impact—giving more of yourself and creating opportunity without compromising the foundation. 

The most fulfilling part of my consulting and client leadership career has been the ability to create a solid foundation that enables me to expand my impact on humanity and communities around the world to ultimately inspire a better tomorrow for all. 

What I’ve also found fulfilling in my career are the relationships I’ve built and the ability to pay them forward continually. If I can help people in any way, shape, or form, be it personal or career, then that’s some of the most important work I can do.

That says a lot about you as a leader and, most importantly, as a person. What else has shaped your leadership style over the years? 

When you spend your career in client service and consulting, there are a lot of opportunities to work on various projects and learn with incredibly diverse and talented people. Early in your career, you look to others as a guide—whether aspiring to be leaders you work with or gaining inspiration and mentorship from world-recognized thought leaders. 

Along the way, you start to become the person you aspire to be. You start to see who and what that person looks like within you. You stop following and start saying, “what does this mean for me? What applies to me?” I’m at a point where I’m directly shaping people’s lives. I get a chance to impact their success, which is what I love. 

My leadership style is largely shaped by the experiences I’ve had in the client service role. Aside from that, it’s shaped by being a good human. I put family first. Not just for me but for the people I work with because no one will show up if everything is not okay at home. That’s very important.

Everything is bigger in Texas and based on our conversations, everything is special in Dallas. What vision are you shaping for Inspire11 Dallas? 

Dallas is exploding in bringing companies towards this metropolitan area to grow. And with that comes a community. 

As Dallas attracts new companies and existing organizations grow, the talent follows, the community flourishes, and it becomes a diverse place to be. There’s no denying Dallas is a great place to do business and it also brings and attracts the right talent to the community.  

Our vision for Inspire11 in Dallas is to disrupt the typical consulting model and look at problem-solving from a completely different angle. I am excited for us to expand our work with organizations in Dallas, to envision new and innovative solutions, and develop new revenue models while building trusted relationships to build the art of the possible. Everything is bigger in Texas and the impact we can have in DFW will be even bigger. 

Tell us more about the talent in Dallas and what excites you the most when creating meaningful work opportunities for people.  

There’s incredibly strong talent within the Dallas metroplex, especially in technology and finance, and many leading universities that support the talent base. In Dallas, you witness a lot of innovation, competition, and curiosity to learn. Everybody’s running very fast and that’s what excites me about the talent—there’s a lot of energy. There’s a lot of skill to harness and I don’t want to see this talent leaving; I want people getting stuck in the right ways. I want to make sure they’re thinking beyond just making money; they’re thinking about how they can give back to the community and make an impact

What does inspiring a better tomorrow for all mean for you? 

There are various aspects of a better tomorrow. One is more of an immediate impact on people in your circle. This means positively influencing the lives of the people that we work with. If we don’t impact people’s lives in a positive way, then we can’t build a better tomorrow outside. We need to build a better tomorrow inside first.  

Then, a better tomorrow expands and is rooted in a community impact. So when I think about Dallas specifically, there’s an opportunity for us to elevate people and positively challenge some of the thinking while giving back to the communities. Education is a great way to make an impact. There’s a lot of things that you don’t get told and you discover. And I believe in coaching that, especially with the younger generation who are curious and interested in learning everything. 

You mentioned starting a non-profit and family comes first, all shaping the person and leader you are today. What else shapes the person you are outside of work and, if we peaked at your playlist, what would we find?  

Life outside of work is mainly our kids. We have two boys, a three-year-old and an eight-year-old, who keep me on my toes. We do a lot of water activities, swimming, and any beach activity we can find.  

To fuel my curiosity, I turn to audiobooks around leadership, coaching, and self-development, with a bit of negotiation sprinkled in there. Music-wise, my playlist is international, spanning electronic dance music (EDM), Persian music, Spanish music, Bollywood music and more. 

This isn’t your first rodeo, leading the growth of a new market and creating meaningful work opportunities, but when was your first rodeo?

It was within the first year I got to Texas, in 2011. I took my wife to a rodeo in Fort Worth, and soon after that, we learned how to ride horseback, purchased our first pair of cowboy boots and hats, and the rest is history. 

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