Meet Nate Roberts

Meet Nate

Nate Roberts is a Managing Director in the Chicago Market with Inspire11.  He is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Chicago Market including recruiting, hiring, business development, operations, people development, strategic visioning, and delivery.

Nate has been instrumental in the growth and evolution of multiple consultancies.  He has led the development of functions including Sales Teams, Recruiting Teams, Account Teams, and Operations Teams all in addition to delivering results as a business consultant in the Chicago market. 

Before Inspire11, Nate oversaw the creation and activation of regional markets, multiple practices, and growth of client accounts.  His ability to identify gaps, build solutions, and create is unparalleled.  Nate was responsible for the launch and activation of several highly successful internal teams including the Marketing function, the Insights and Innovation Team, and the break-through Creative Development Lab (CDL) practice. 

Among Nate’s greatest strengths, however, is his ability to establish and preserve client relationships.  Nate’s success in building strong relationships of any form is attributed to his honesty, integrity, and operating principle of putting people first. 

When not at work, you’ll typically find Nate on a baseball field coaching his sons’ teams, golfing, or simply spending time with his wife and boys.  Nate also prides himself on taking an active role volunteering in both Prevention First as well as Hephzibah.