Meet Kevin Schaffer

Meet Kevin

Kevin Schaffer is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Inspire11. He is passionate about integrating strategy and execution to deliver industry-disrupting outcomes that help organizations work smarter and improve transparency across the enterprise.

As a career consultant, Kevin has transformed some of the world’s largest organizations by helping them identify new ways of working. Whether digitizing the supply chain for multinational conglomerates, helping executives drive large-scale organizational change, or leading the development of FleetPulse, the first smart trailer to monitor, maintain a transportation company’s fleet – Kevin has a passion for delivering large, game-changing outcomes. 

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, Kevin strives to make Inspire11 a source of aspiration for our clients – and operate in the way that companies desire to work. He ensures the firm is growing in a scalable fashion within a hypergrowth environment. Though Kevin has a deep understanding of entrepreneurial pride and the growth mindset, he also recognizes the balance of being lean and agile while making decisions quickly to ensure the long-term success of the enterprise. Kevin’s various hats include overseeing our accounting, finance, procurement, operations, IT, HR, and delivery center partnerships.

Apart from keeping the Inspire11 growth engine running, Kevin is a husband, marathon runner, and Costco enthusiast. He loves working with and developing others and is involved in giving back to his community.