Meet Julia Merryman

Q&A with Julia Merryman

How would you summarize what you do?

Every day is different and brings on new and exciting challenges. Overall I focus on process improvements by developing and implementing operational procedures and policies.

What work/project are you proudest of and what impact has it made?

My goal at Inspire11 has been to streamline and automate all of our processes. I believe that my work has made our consultants’ lives easier so they can focus on clients!

What’s unique about working for Inpsire11?

For me, it’s the fact I have an incredible amount of freedom to work on and learn things that interest me.

How has your background shaped how you think, relate to others and conquer challenges?

I like to think that getting my MBA prepared and equipped me with the knowledge to conquer challenges but really it was growing up with three brothers. They taught me how to mediate, that teamwork is essential, and a bit about patience!

What does “inspiring a better tomorrow for all” mean to you? 

Personally, this means setting an example for others on corporate responsibility and giving back to the community. It’s easy to talk the talk, but another thing entirely to help our communities, promote diversity and inclusion from within, and use our resources to elevate those that don’t have the same opportunities.

Describe how you’ve grown professionally since you started working for Inspire11?

Since working at Inspire11, I’ve grown more confident in my ideas and my ability to execute those ideas! I’m given a lot of freedom in my role to learn and lead initiatives which is empowering.

How do you turn it up to 11?

I give it my all and definitely put ear plugs in first!

If you have to be odd to be an Eleven, what makes you odd? 

I’ve watched the entirety of Gilmore Girls at least 15 times (sans season 7, if you know you know).

What’s one item you can’t live without?


What advice would you give someone who wants to enter your field?

Say yes and volunteer for everything. Operations include being a jack of all trades and no experience is too small.

Which company values resonate with you most? 

Be Passionately Curious and Raise the Bar!