Meet Alban Mehmeti

Meet Alban

Alban Mehmeti is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Inspire11. He has worked with over 100 of the world’s most respected brands and is most passionate about the areas where he can truly transform peoples’ lives.  

Alban has spent most of his career in the consulting scene, helping world-class organizations such as Slalom and Hitachi deliver on what’s most impactful to realize their strategic goals and objectives. As an immigrant from Kosovo and a survivor of an ethnic cleansing war, Alban’s grit and unwavering investment in self-growth have led him to pursue his entrepreneurial dream of building a disruptive company that challenges the status quo in a legacy model.  

At Inspire11, Alban focuses on keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive by inspiring both clients and our Elevens to truly be themselves and push boundaries. He plays an integral part in anticipating world changes and pivoting the organization to meet and exceed future expectations. Alban’s ability to see large complex pictures and simplify them into intelligible concepts is one of the most valuable qualities he brings to the team.  

From building an innovative solution to support the global food demand when the world population reaches 10 billion, to making world-class medicine available in some of the hardest-to-reach places, contributing to the betterment of the world is a driving force in Albans’ work. He believes that taking care of people and creating an environment where they express bring their passions can truly transform the world.  

Aside from work, Alban is an avid golfer, a chairman on the 2026 Western Am Tournament at the Beverly Country Club, speaks 4 languages (but not one perfectly), and an investor in many organizations. One specifically close to his heart is the Evans Scholars Foundation, being a scholar himself, Alban is heavily involved in promoting youth caddying to help future generations attend college.