Tutoring Chicago

About Tutoring Chicago

Tutoring Chicago specializes in helping students achieve success during distance learning by providing weekly 1:1 tutoring sessions to 1,000+ students (1st-8th grade) in Chicago. Students are paired with a tutor for an entire school year to promote a strong foundation for support, communication with parents and teachers, and relationship building. Tutoring Chicago believes that through one-to-one relationships with tutors, students facing economic barriers can access brighter futures. 

Our Partnership

Inspire11 partners with Tutoring Chicago in several ways. Many Elevens became tutors for the 2021-2022 school year and have developed lasting relationships with local students. We also financially support Tutoring Chicago by allowing Elevens to direct InspireCares funds to the organization.  

We are constantly brainstorming new ways to help engage the students of Tutoring Chicago. In March 2022, Inspire11 sponsored and participated in the organization’s annual fundraiser, Tutoring Chicago Annual Spelling Bee. During this event, one of our Elevens was paired with Matt Zahn, a sports reporter and anchor for CBS 2, to lead the spelling bee with participating students. The exceptionally talented Inspire11 Media Team filmed the event and created a co-branded promotional video. This event was wildly successful, raising $60,000 for Tutoring Chicago! 

Our relationship with Tutoring Chicago is just getting started, and we are excited to continue strengthening our partnership. Inspire11 is actively recruiting additional tutors for the 2022-2023 school year. We are also exploring ways to provide STEM events to students such as hosting 4-8 interactive sessions where Elevens help students learn about our software engineering. 

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