About Storybolt

StoryBolt is a corporate inclusion training company that’s passionate about storytelling to create empathy and impact at scale. Their team of educators, film producers and HR specialists develop science-backed methods for soft skills training. StoryBolt is disrupting the current DEI education space enabling impactful ‘Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging’ conversations like never-before through award-winning documentaries that tell real stories. Each unique narrative inspires sustainable change by unpacking Implicit Bias, Gender Equity, Mental Health, LGBTQ+ and more. 

Our Partnership

Inspire11 partnered with Storybolt in 2021 to explore diversity and inclusion topics that matter most to us. Our goal is to create an interactive, safe space for an open flow of ideas to build a better environment for all Elevens, our clients, and our community. We aim to foster engaging shared experiences through films, storytelling, and conversations to strengthen communication, empathy and understanding with and among employees, leadership and clients. 

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