Big Shoulders Fund

About Big Shoulders Fund

The Big Shoulders Fund supports in-need children throughout Chicago by providing access to quality education. The organization provides direct support to schools with demonstrated needs through ongoing financial contributions, the facilitation of leadership and after-school programs, and ongoing learning opportunities for both educators and students. Their goal is to strengthen both schools and whole communities.

Our Partnership

Inspire11 has worked with the Big Shoulders Fund annually, since late 2019, to support local schools as they prepare to welcome students after either a planned break or the unplanned, COVID-19 pandemic. 

During this annual partnership, the Inspire11 and Big Shoulders Fund community descends on a local school wielding shovels, paintbrushes, books, and TONS of energy in order to transform it into the welcoming environment students deserve. Additionally, Inspire11 financially supports the organization by allowing Elevens to direct InspireCares funds to the organization. On a less structured front, we offer various ways to support the organization throughout the year and multiple individuals within Inspire11 have taken on direct contributor roles at Big Shoulders Fund as a result.  

We have completed two annual Day of Service events, focused on refreshing a local school, with plans to continue in 2022. In addition, Big Shoulders Fund is consistently available for Elevens to support financially through InspireCares and we continue to provide as-needed support throughout the year. 

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