We Stand Together Against Racism

Our Commitment

We are deeply saddened that it has taken centuries for Americans to begin to find a unified voice opposing racial injustice in our country. Without question, we stand against racial violence, racial inequity, and any form of racism.  Black Lives Matter, and Black Americans are integral to the fabric of our Country and our organization. It is our ongoing intent to align ourselves with clients, employees, and those in our communities who share these beliefs.  And it is our intent to take daily action to counteract structural racism in all its forms.

As an organization, we can and must do more to improve our diversity and inclusion and take action against race-biased injustices.  We will use company-wide education to identify our implicit and unconscious biases.  We will share our experiences and use resources from diverse communities to open dialog and to broaden our understanding.  We will focus our hiring practices to target more Black and diverse consulting professionals.  And we will seek opportunities to utilize our skillset to support Black communities, Black-run businesses, and social justice organizations in the markets we serve. Racism is a long-standing sickness in America, and it deserves a committed, long-term cure.  So, we will embed these practices in our culture, and we will look for every opportunity to do more.

After all, at Inspire11 we believe that change and disruption are guaranteed.  In this moment of change, it is our continued goal to disrupt the institutions and processes that lead to systemic racism and to look internally at what we can do better.