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Modern Data Warehouse Cloud Migration

When a large manufacturer wanted to use more sophisticated analytical tools, it found its current data warehouse not reliable enough to meet its needs. Inspire11 partnered with them to assess the needs of their technology stack and introduce a Modern Data Architecture platform that will scale as the company grows.

Legal Advice On-Demand – LegalQ

LegalQ is a digital platform that provides legal services to consumers. Founded by a team of lawyers and technologists, LegalQ understands that for too many Americans, the process of obtaining legal advice is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. They recognized an opportunity to revolutionize the industry by providing clearly priced, on-demand, legal advice to consumers with legal needs. LegalQ partnered with Inspire11 to architect and develop an easy-to-use mobile application that connects motivated legal consumers with a licensed attorney in real time.

Cloud-Agnostic Platform Enables One-Of-A-Kind SaaS Solution

When a leading life sciences organization sought to disrupt its traditional on-premise software model to offer a SaaS-based Chromatography Data System (CDS) solution to its customers, it partnered with Inspire11 to design innovative and composable data platform that would offer both the client and its customers a competitive advantage.

Beginning a Digital Transformation: Modern Technology Infrastructure

When a healthcare provider faced risks due to growth in the business outpacing the capacity of their technology infrastructure, they partnered with Inspire11 to develop a digital transformation strategy assessment that would allow their infrastructure to grow to meet present and future needs.

The Future of Goods Mobility is Here – Great Dane

When Great Dane wanted to bring modern data collection and analytics to the trailer marketplace, they partnered with Inspire11 to develop an integrated telematics system combining smart devices, an AWS platform and end-user applications. FleetPulse is a smart trailer platform designed from the ground up to be 100% focused on the trailer and its associated cargo load. Not only a GPS system, FleetPulse has been carefully designed to meet the high standards of even the most sophisticated fleets resulting in Smarter Maintenance, Improved Forecasting, Enhanced Agility, and Better Customer Insight.

Modern Data Ecosystem – Castia Rx

CastiaRx is a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) that manages prescription drug programs for Union groups and small to mid-size employer groups. As one of the first lines of defense in healthcare, CastiaRx understands the importance of bringing innovation to the Pharmacy Benefit Management space. CastiaRx recognized an opportunity to become an industry leader by improving data availability and quality, and to provide timely and accurate information to members. CastiaRx partnered with Inspire11 to modernize their data infrastructure and identify significant savings through improved insights and access to data.